Toulouse Through Pictures

After I spend one week in Toulouse, I would say that I could get to know this city pretty well. I explored the city, I went to the must-sees, sat in cute cafés and had lots of ‘doucements matins’ which means slow mornings because there’s nothing better than that when you’re on holiday, am I right!?

So, I should not write too much. Have fun with the pictures I took during this time!

An artist displayed his art alongside the river ‚Garonne‚. If you look closely, it looks a bit bizzare but at the same time really interesting and you start to wonder what’s the meaning behind that. It’s always inspiring to see the work of other artist.

This was taken on a bridge in the area ‚Les Bordes de Garonnes‚. This wheel reminds me of the wheel in Marseille but the one in Toulouse is smaller.

And of course, another flower picture. I found it while strolling alongside the river. This part was called ‚Le canal de Brienne‚. It was so relaxing to walk and look at the calm water. Except when a ship full of tourist showed up next to me on the river while I took these pictures.

Le couvent des Jacobins which is a beautiful cathedrale.

Inside of ‚Le couvent des Jacobins‚.

If you see a cathedral like that you’re absolutely stunned what people could achieve in the past without all the technology we use nowaday. In the book ‚A brief history of humankind‘, I’ve read that people from the last centuries where by far more intelligent than the people in the current age. You wouldn’t believe that if you think of all the techniqual revolutions we had but it’s also making the mass population on average dumber because we just leave the thinking to our technology…

Le musée des Augustins  –  it’s a museum full of art from the last centuries. The entry is free for students! I didn’t even have a student card but I still got in for free which was so nice.

And more art in ‚le musée des Augustins‚. The portraits were all so incredible and beautiful. I started to think that our temporary art nowadays is kind of bullshit compared to these masterpieces.

This is what you see before you enter the museum. The architecture is stunning!

And some more flowers… I got a cramp in my neck while squading down on the floor and taking this picture in a really weird position but it was definitely worth it.

Toulouse is also called ‚La Ville Rose‚ which means pink town because of the many pinkish looking buildings all around.

Place Saint Scarbes‚ which was also a lovely place where some people played chess beside the fountain.

La place du Capitole by night – the main center of Toulouse.

And the ‚Japanese Garden‚ which was definitely a highlight of my visit in Toulouse.

So, that’s it! A pretty short entry about Toulouse because I kind of get fed up with the series ‚through pictures‘ and also with writing English. I’ll probably change some things about this blog soon.

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