Montpellier Through Pictures

I will continue with these series ‚Through Pictures‘ for now. So, after every city I’ve visited, you’ll get a little inside of these cities through my lense.

My next stop was at Montpellier and I’ve rested here for four days. It was not as exciting as Marseille because this time, I was not staying with a couchsurfing host and so, I didn’t get insider tips from a local.

Instead of looking up which would be the best spots to explore, I got really lazy and hang out a lot at the hostel with people I met there. But the relaxation was much needed after these busy days in Marseille. Every night I went to sleep in Marseille, I fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow because I was so extremely busy the entire day and therefore got really tired.

That was pretty awesome when I consider I always laid awake an hour on average at home because I was so stressed from school, work and my internship. I never want to experience that ever again. When I go home I make sure that things change for the better. And I will start listening to my body a lot more.

Oops, that was a bit off trail. Back to Montpellier.

Therefore, I was trying to relax and didn’t feel the urge to force myself to explore the city. I just explored the centre of the town and I went to the beach for one day to get the worst sunburn in my life so far. But it was still nice to enjoy the beach.

[I forgot the name of this place lol]

[Same place… maybe I should have looked for the name while I was there. I still need to figure out how travel blogging works..]

[I present to you… a park without name.]

[A lamp by daylight]

[I met two girls in the hostel who studied literature, so of course, we had to stop at multiple book stores.]

[Library with old french books]

[This pic reminds me that I have to re-do my nail polish.]

[A random street with palm trees]

[I’m pretty sure this place is called ‚Place de France‘! At least Google told me so]

[Old building with cute balconies]

This entry was all over the place and I tremendously failed at travel blogging but keep an eye out for my next post ‚Toulouse Through Pictures‘ cause it will have many awesome pictures and I’ll show you some beautiful places you have to visit while you’re in Toulouse in case you’ll ever go.