Escape To Paris

After being stuck at home for months and months and getting stuck in a daily routine and didn’t feel inspired by anything anymore, I took the oppurtinity to go on a weekend trip to Paris.

One of the best things was that I just paid 50 € on this three-day-trip! Perfect for a student on a tiny budget. The reason behind this is that a city next to my home town has a partner city near Paris called Rosny-Sous-Bois and we could stay with a host family for two days. So we were staying with locals and could experience the french way of living a little bit.


My host family consisted of an elderly couple around 80 years old. Their names were André and Andrée. I think they were just meant for each other.
They were the lovliest people I’ve met in a long time. On top of that I was forced to speak french with them because that is the only language they speak.

I got so inspired by them because of their kindness and caring. They always had the biggest smile and joined every planned tour, even though Andrée seemed pretty ill but she never complained about the long walks she had to endure during the tour. And in the three days I always just saw them talk nicely and with respect to each other. When I’m old, I want to achieve the same for sure.

When we arrived on Friday evening at around 9 o’clock, we drove to their cute house at first and had a proper dinner with three menus in french style. Afterwards I was super tired and just wanted to sleep but they took me out to Paris at night and it was totally worth it because I had an awesome view at the Eiffel Tower at night.


The first thing we did the next morning was a bus tour with the entire group. And when I was sitting on top of the bus – feeling the wind and sun in my face – this moment felt so right for me and I was thinking ‚Can it get any better than that?‘. It made me realize again that I should follow my passion and do the things more that I enjoy.

Everytime I’m traveling I feel freedom and I’m grateful that I found this passion in my life.


Afterwards we went on a boat tour and firstly, I was really excited for it but soon after we started, all the tourist jumped up from their seats and ran to the ceiling to take one million selfies and pictures of the scenery. André and I, we looked at each other and smiled. Because of the language barrier, we couldn’t express our thoughts but we were properly thinking that this cleary destroyed the romantic flair of the boat tour.

In the evening the group came together again to eat dinner in a nice restaurant and I took the oppurtinity to take some nice pictures on the balcony.

The next morning I woke up quiet exhausted and tired because of the lack of sleep but I was still motivated for the last group activity – a walk through Rosny-Sous-Bois. We visited the national french circus and went to a little market.

After the walk it was time to say goodbye and we started our journey back home.

This little trip left me with so much inspiration and passion and how exciting this summer is going to be when I will go on holiday in France for one month.

So stay tuned for more travel-journeys.

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