Travel Stress

Whenever I travel, I always experience some kind of travel stress because I’m super sensitive. And being introvert and shy doesn’t make it better.

This morning, when I got ready to leave the hostel in Montpellier and had to catch the bus to Toulouse, I got so stressed that I got a sick sensation to my stomach. And when I experience stress I’m like a hyper bunny jumping around on a field of thorns – totally unorganised and confused.

If that happens, I’d just like to drop everything, meditate for two hours (even though I never meditate) and go to a lonely island to rest on the beach for the next few years. Maybe I should consider a real holiday one day – book a hotel for two weeks and just rest.

[Travel fail #1: When I took this picture, an angry driver almost didn’t see me.]

But no, I always have the desire to see as much as possible and explore every city I go to. So, I also have to deal with the travel stress that comes with it or maybe I just have a poor stress-management. I think it’d rather be the last one…

Last night I set my alarm almost three hours before my bus left and I packed everything neat and tidily into my suitcase. You would think it would be totally easy-going and I had enough time to catch my bus the next morning.

Ha, I wish. I woke up at the right time in the morning, I ate slowly and then I went to the supermarket. As I was slowly going through the aisle to pick up the best looking lunch, I realized… oh shit, my tram is coming in 15 minutes! Where did the time suddenly go?

[Travel fail #2: Maybe I should consider cleaning my camera lense.]

I rushed back to the hostel, grabbed my suitcase and went quickly to the tram station. When I went to the ticket machine to get my ticket, people were standing in front of it with their suitcases and waiting for their tram. Oh yeah, that’s the absolute right place to wait for your tram!

After they slowly pushed their suitcases to their site, I could get my ticket. Then the question was… which site of the tram station will the tram arrive? I almost fell of the sidewalk and into the tram tracks when I looked for it.

Three minutes later, the tram arrived and I hopped in. As I was looking for a free seat, my suitcase accidently rolled over another person’s feet. I was lucky that her gaze didn’t kill me. Finally, I found a seat, sat down and placed my suitcase next to me.

On the other side, there was an elderly person and suddenly she spoke to me in French and seemed pretty angry. My French isn’t that good but I kind of understood that she was angry that my suitcase was standing there. Sorry, but where am I supposed to put my suitcase then? I’m not Harry Potter, so I can’t magically turn it into a pocked-sized suitcase.

[My evil suitcase and I… it even has the nerve to photobomb my pictures!]

I looked at my bus ticket again to make sure, that I was taking the tram to the right destination. It said ‘Place de France’… wait… I remembered that my bus would be leaving at ‘Odysseum’.. did I remember it wrong?? I jumped up from my seat and ready to jump of at the next station to find out how I could get there in the next 20 minutes!

[Always looking for the right way to go]

But I turned on my GPS and google maps and then I saw that I was moving towards the place Odysseum and the ‘Place the France’ was also there. Oops… I panicked a little bit too early.

After all this unnecessary stress, I arrived 20 minutes before my bus was supposed to leave and I could catch it easily.

What do I learn from it? Maybe I should consider working on my stress-management for once.

[This picture simbolizes myself kept prison by my poor stress-management lol]

This story remembers me of one accident I had at an airport last year which raised my stress levels to 100%. I went through the whole security procedure at the airport and 20 minutes before my flight, I slowly went to the waiting area and sat down in front of the exit of my plane.

I thought.. wow I really nailed it this time! I was on time and I could just relax for the rest of the time. And then I was looking for my phone to load my online ticket… I searched my entire backpack and then the realization kicked in… shit, I forgot it at the security point when I put my phone into a separate box to let it run through this machine where they can see inside the backpacks!

[This would be me on the left side… on the inside I turn into an angry pink monster whenever I get annoyed.]

I ran like a maniac through this huuuuuuge airport, back to the security but when I arrived, I couldn’t go back to the security because I had to show my passport before! Guess what… I left it in my bigger backpack in the waiting area because without the 18 kg backpack I could run faster.

So, I ran back, still looking like a maniac, to get my passport. When I returned at the security, they finally let me go through and my phone was still there! I was so happy in this moment and I was still able to catch my flight even though I was too late and the last person to go onto the plane.

To conclude this entry: here is a cat showing you the way how it’s done the right way.


Marseille Through Pictures

After a looooong time of not writing a blogpost because I was super busy with school, internship and work for the last few weeks and therefore lacked the motivation and creativity to write anything, I’m finally back!
Now I have a summer break of 5 weeks before I go back to school for one more year. So, of course, I have to use the time to travel again and clear my mind from all the crazy stress I experienced during this time.

I’ve decided to spend my summer holidays in France because I’m excited to see the south and west of France, go to amazing cities and enjoy the beach when I travel along the coast.

My first stop was Marseille, where I spend the last 5 days and I could see some amazing places.
So enough with writing… you will see for yourself and maybe you can feel the artistic atmosphere of this city through these pictures.

[Gare Saint Charles – Train Station]

[Le Vieux Port – Harbour]

[Notre Dame de la gare]
I didn’t plan to go here but I was so happy I did because the view was just stunning!

[Notre Dame de la Gare]

The awesome view.

[Ile du Frioul]
The wind on this day was absolutely crazy, so the ferries didn’t run regularly and so I could just spent little over an hour on this beautiful island. So, I quickly went to the famous Calanques which is a pretty touristic spot.

[A day trip to Arles]
My couchsurfing host and I went to Arles, which is an hour drive away to visit some photography exhibitions.

[Also taken in Arles]

[Along the coast]

[Along The Coast]

[Palais Longchamp]

[Palais Longchamp]

[Palais Longchamp]

[Palais Longchamp]

[Le Vieux Port – Harbour]

[Streets at Le Panier]

[Streets at Le Panier]

[Streets at Le Panier]

[Street Art at Le Panier]
One thing I absolutely loved about Marseille was the street art which could be found almost everywhere.

It was always exciting to discover new pieces of arts hidden in narrow alleys.

[Somewhere at a skater park]
Photo Gallery – Pictures from Marocco

I hope you could get an image of this city and maybe you’d also like to visit it now.
I’d definitely recommend it because this city has a special atmosphere to it but it’s also pretty dirty and you can also see the poverty if you go into the northern parts of this town.
But overall, I really enjoyed my stay and one day I’ll definitely come back to explore it a bit more.